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WPNow – Simplista

Simplista WordPress Theme

simplista-wordpress-themeWe came across a nice looking theme by WPNow, it seems to be a simple theme with not many addons, but has the looks to make up for it, as always WPNow themes look amazing with a huge array of colour and vibrance, It does support widgets in the backend for ads, showing off your twitter tweets, a subscription form that could be used for feedburner, a flickr addon for showing off your pictures and thats about it. its got a nice style and layout and is a great theme for someone looking for a simple yet elegant theme. Enjoy!

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WPnow – VintMint theme

vintmintVintMint wordpress theme doesn’t really have a specific topic the theme is aiming for, its made for any style, giving it a unique design. Shades of green in the header, browns and oranges in the body and footer, it gives you the ability to use it in any way shape or form, ready made for adsense, widgets in the righthand sidebar, a featured post slider on the homepage, Its main attraction is it’s splash of colour that your reader will not forget.

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WPnow – Boardwalk

boardwalk-themeAnother great wordpress theme by WPnow, it comes with a variety of colours making it the perfect vacation style theme. the background picture are high quality with a sandy footer, a sky blue header and a wooden body, this is certainly one theme your readers will become lost in. this theme could be used for a range of blogging topics from selling tickets, personal blogging about your exploration around the world, an information website devoted to helping others with there travel needs and plenty more.

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WPnow – Gamenow

gamenowWe Have had plenty of requests for Gamenow and here it is, A beautiful looking theme made perfect for Gaming enthusiasts. It has a clean layout only WPnow can deliver, It comes with the choice of two different colors dark or light (you can change it yourself, Have a look at the preview) multiple widgets to choose from and an easy integration of GD star rating plugin making this one versatile wordpress theme. Comes with PSD and installation and setup instructions.

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WPnow – Triumph

Triumph WordPress Theme

triumph-theme-wpnowAnother wicked layout from WPnow themes, the use of shades and colours used properly combined with great content of your blog can really make you popular, this theme looks simple but their; like so many great blog themes are a few surprises you will find with cleaver mouseovers and dropdown boxes. This theme is wordpress 2.8 ready so grab it now!

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WPnow – Bloom

Bloom WordPress Theme

bloom-themeBloom is a professional and fun loving wordpress theme not to be taken seriously. Certainly an ideal blogging template for video, picture, music, social networking topics and everything in-between! comes with Video Display plugins and image slide show, with a gray/blue colour mixed with a funky look. This theme is wicked!

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