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WooThemes – RealEstate Theme

One of the most powerful wordpress themes we are yet to see from WooThemes to date, it seems they went all out with this theme in options and features. Advanced SEO and clean cut coding is just a drop in the ocean with this Premium wordpress theme, being about Real Estate you get a clear Advanced Search box giving your users the ability to find the house of there dreams, Integrate Google Maps giving your readers the ability to see where your housing is located.

Custom Post Properties! You can now add new information to your Posts related to your houses.

Show off the best houses with a Featured Slider, All you need to do is add a tag to the slider and post and it will work instantly and effectively.

As we mentioned you get a Advanced Search Box so your readers can search houses via location, property type, price, number of bedrooms, to name but a few!

The Theme comes with heaps more options and features, you get the choice of multiple layouts for your homepage and houses, you also have an “On Show” featured panel for more featured houses, and Associate it with Google maps creating a great look. There are to many options to look at and for a quality wordpress theme we suggest you check it out!

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WooThemes – Coda Magazine Theme

The Magazine styled wordpress themes have been so far the best when it comes to design and overall have been the most wanted for bloggers, it seems they always fit there needs and are ready to go for the average blogger, Coda by Woothemes does just that! it is a close nit design with everything in its place and perfected to look great, It has a smart looking Image slider which shifts your content when a larger or smaller image moves into view, it has a great classy drop down menu with great fade in and out effects, you get ads placed so they look just like part of the content, show off your tweets in the middle of your blog, Completly customize the layout so you can make it look just the way you want it!

  • Woo SEO for search engine ranking made easy!
  • 10 different template styles to pick from!
  • Woo Widgets that make adding video and images to your sidebar easy!
  • Widgetized homepage so you can move thing the way you want them to!
  • Woo Custom Navigation so you can be in control of where everything goes and how it works
  • Updates and Full user help! Woothemes has the best support in the industry!

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Woothemes – Inspire

The Quality of wordpress themes coming from Woothemes is amazing, it just gets better and better, you could say the leading theme creators are living up to their name. Inspire, seems to be the perfect name for this theme as it is surly to have that kind of impact. It seems to have been built so anyone can show off and sell their product, the way it has been designed is so you can feature your product images and videos in the featured slider which covers the page from left to right, it also has multiple fade in and out options, you get all different widget areas, add all featured posts below and also add in different user testimonials as well as customer feedback, above that you can show off your tweets, and even further down you get more widget areas; did I say there are a lot of widget areas!?! You get 10 different colored backgrounds to pick from and much more. Certainly a beautiful looking business wordpress theme by woothemes.

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Woothemes – Iphone WordPress Theme

It seems Woothemes are slowly covering all areas of the market, from magazines to business and even video themes and not surprisingly they have created a Iphone WordPress Theme. It has been created for showing off the latest Iphone app or even your own up and coming application. You can show images on the homepage with the built in slider, and even show off pictures of your app within the picture of the Iphone itself and even make it a clickable link! Under the slider you will find boxes for embedding video for presenting how-to’s and other features that open in a  lightbox design, you get all the multiple widgets you would expect with woothemes with a built in contact form at the footer of the page and showing off your latest tweets in the center of the page. Comes with the expected Woothemes SEO options and Woo Framework. Fully documented and supported. Check it out Now!

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Woothemes – Spectrum

A theme Rich in design and style, made for showcasing any type of blogs content, if you are in need or just love widgets with your themes then this is perfect for you, you get custom made wo0 widgets like woo video player, twitter, blog info, ads and search. You get 7 different widget sections, 10 different color styles. Adding so many widget sections, gives you a chance to customize the homepage to the way you want. As always it comes with a featured slider so you can show off your best work, you also get woo’s new SEO options to help make your blog appealing to the search engines, a very nice theme.

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WooThemes – Boast

The wordpress to be your business makeover, a fresh start for any business styled website, whether you blog or not this is perfect for you. the setup and design is created so possible clients and browsers take you seriously and are impressed at the same time. Comes with a unique jQuery styled slider for an effective way to show off content, Customize your home page so it may look the way you want it to with adding testimonials and reviews, images and podcasts, Built-in new Woo navigation and the new Wooframe work for the amazing quality you receive in any wootheme.

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