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Templatic – News Flash Theme

Adding Another attractive Premium WordPress Theme to the mix is the News Flash wordpress theme, as you may know already, Templatic are slowly becoming the of the leaders in wp themes on the market today, at the moment they Target mainly business but it seems they are slowly turning to other places, News flash is designed to be the perfect new theme with a brilliant layout that can cover almost any niche.

you can change the style color seven different times and get seven different choices, you don’t even need to try and resize your images because this theme will do it all for you!

Completely Search Engine Optimized, Compatible with almost ever browser, comes full with PSD, Help files and you get 24 hours support. Find out more below.

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Templatic – Emporium wordpress theme

Change and upgrade your old wordpress blog into a full functioning ecommerce store, Most e-commerce solutions are difficult and confusing to get going and you will usually run into plenty of problems along the way, WordPress on the other hand is so simple it is just a couple of click and you are set to go! No other platform can be so easy and quick to setup then wordpress and Templatic e-commerce themes. This theme is so simple to get going, your own mother could do it without any help, You get all the options you would expect and many more, it is perfect for selling digital goods, being just a catalog for your real store or a full on store with all the trimmings.

  • Setup coupon codes
  • Add Tax, shipping information, colors and sizes to products
  • Allow users to pay without signing up
  • Full control over orders, Monitor them from the backend and watch there progress
  • Allow multiple payment gateways like paypal, google checkout and many more
  • Users can sign-up for an account so they can add products or even watch there current order
  • Get your very own Affiliate program with it built right into this theme, You don’t need to do any work!
  • Plenty more!!

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Templatic – e-commerce theme

You will find multiple ecommerce wordpress themes with all different options and features available as it seems to be all the rage, I guess if you could setup your very own store in a matter of minutes and not hours without knowing how to code anyone would take advantage of it and with the new Templatic e commerce theme you can do just that! Out of all the shopping themes I would say that this is the most elegant and attractive wordpress theme I have seen and comes with all the features you could want, an easy 1 click auto install, it wont need any additional plugins!

You can use three different styles which are Catalog, Digital shop and Shopping cart.

  • The Catalog is so you can feature products that would be sold offline .
  • The Digital shop is so you can sell digital goods like ebooks, pictures and scripts, you don’t even need third party hosting for the files.
  • And the Shopping cart is your standard online shop you will find on many websites,
  • You can completely control orders in the admin panel, with the shipping, processing and rejecting of orders.
  • Include your very own shipping options for anywhere around the world and change the price to the way you want!
  • Manage and include tax with all purchases.
  • “Guest checkout” is designed so your users don’t need to go through the whole signing up process just to buy something which will increase sales.
  • Coupon and discount codes can be used with any of your products thus increasing sales.
  • Specify multiple options for your products like color, size, weight and anything else you can think of.
  • comes with 5 different color styles making your shop unique.
  • A built in Affiliate platform, have others promoting your store for a % and increase sales!
  • All images are auto resizing so you don’t need to worry about any ugly overlapping.
  • Can use multiple payment gateways and take credit cards.

All this and more can be done in a matter of minutes! Not hours.

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Templatic – Job Board Theme

Creating your very own Job Board wordpress theme is now easy as pie, Templatic have put together a theme that takes all the problems away from any custom made job board that is packed full of features and options. You are able to manage users who need to pay and who are free to post a job on your website, Membership login so users can keep track of jobs they like, ones they want to edit and ones they want to delete, you can manage coupons to offer incentives for users to make a post, easily manage payment with paypal (more payment gateways to come), You don’t need to activate each post that has been paid for, This is done for you automatically. Posts auto expire after a certain period of time, set by you or the user can pay for more time. Does not require any other plugins to work, Comes with seven different color styles, Valid cross browser compatible, full support and documentation provided.

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Templatic – WPStore e-commerce theme

WordPress themes are slowly turning to new designs increasing flexibility and possibility. WPStore is suppose to be bigger then shopperpress with a range of features and options for selling tangible and digital goods online. Three different theme types from Shopping Mode, Digital Mode and Catalog Mode for different kinds of stores, fully manage products with descriptions and images, manage orders processing, shipping options with adding discounts and prices based on weight, a massive amount of payment gateways at the click of a button, manage and include tax, user registration, use coupon codes for added discounts, product size and colour features and others, A built in affiliate module to drive more and more sales, Search Engine Optimized, built in ad management and cross browser compatible.

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Templatic – Ebook WordPress theme

More and more people are beginning to write there own ebooks for the sale online, slowly people are joining the Internet business market and with that in hand the need for a wordpress theme that can be used for e-books is exactly what the doctor ordered. The theme is perfect for show casing your eBook for selling, you get all the usually Templatic features you would expect, your homepage is fully customizable to make the layout of your book and information the way you want it, auto resizing of images, Fully optimized for the search engines, two detailed color schemes, ad management and plenty more.

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