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RocketThemes – Mynxx

mynxx-wordpress-theme-1Mynxx is a wordpress theme that has been heavily SEO optimized to encourage Search engines to rank it higher and higher, comes in a clean cut design with plenty of style sheets to pick from and the ability to change the colour with a colour picker of the style sheet on the fly, change the font style and font size, 3 columns with enough room to swing a cat 🙂 I guess you could call this a magazine styled wordpress theme which usually goes great with any website your looking for.

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RocketThemes – Replicant V2

rocketthemes-replicantOk, we only just recently found this wordpress theme and have agreed after looking at it, It has to be shared at wicked wordpress, how it looks is amazing! the layout, the colour, the syle, it all looks great, It also comes with 10 different colour style to pick from and everyone of these look as good as the next, has a cool little Newsflash updater, change the font type and font size, change the width of all the columns, change and edit the features, showcase and newsflash updater in one hit! Check this out, A really nice theme.

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RocketThemes – Affinity

affinity-rocketthemeA brand New theme Just for you guys in time for Christmas, Rocket themes has a great little layout here all SEO optimized and ready to go, There are hundreds of settings in the backend to turn on and off everything and anything, with changing the colour scheme, you can turn on and off the date, login button, copyright, logo, Post title, metatags, topbar buttons, completely change the dimensions, hundreds of different styles to change around with being able to modify all different parts of the theme within the style, while at the same time being able to modify each separate page to a different style so you can call this theme your own!

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