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Revolution – Code Gray

Code Gray WordPress Theme

revolution-code-grayCode Gray by revolution is one of the three very simple but elegant designs that you can download for free. The style of this wordpress theme aims more for the content to excite the viewer rather then colour and pictures. Old style blogging will not be forgotten with this theme.

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Revolution – Code Blue

Code Blue WordPress Theme

revolution_code_blueCode Blue by Revolution is another great simple theme that has more options then you realise. With the use of widgets and wordpress plugins these simple templates really come to life. there is nothing like impressing your viewer with something so easy. Download Revolution code blue today!

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Revolution – Code Red

Code Red WordPress Theme

revolution-code-redCode Red by Revolution is the perfect simple blog template, sometimes we forget that it doesn’t need to been all about show and can mainly feature content rather then the theme itself. This theme can use all the widgets available and has just as much potential as any blog template today!

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