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How to be a Rockstar WordPress Designer


Theme Like a Professional!

WordPress Rockstar will show you how to use the Power of WordPress and develop your website into an astonishing experience for your readers, building wordpress themes that will give you the tools and the ideas to building something you will love, You’ll gain the experience of a professional wordpress designer and become as good as the rest, so when  you have trouble with a specific theme you’ll know whats going on and how to mend it. Comes with Photoshop, html, CSS and PHP files for you to play around with. Enjoy!


WordPress Theme Design: A complete WordPress guide


Knowledge is Power and with this Book, you’ll know what your doing when it comes to wordpress, jam packed with heaps of quality information about wordpress theme design, editing the wordpress Core, Tweaking layouts to get the desired look and feel, how to setup the right colour schemes and style to match your content, how to integrate jquery and thickbox to give your reader a new experience, add Flash to give your wordpress blog an extra Kick! and plenty more!

This book was written for Users who are experienced in the field of programming and looking to give themselves that extra edge they want.




Reading books about wordpress can help you in more ways then you realise, wordpress is designed so you do not need to comprehend how to program or code, but if you know whats going on and how to change wordpress to suit what your looking for then you’ve the upper hand in getting the best experience for your readers, with this book you can achieve that. Learn how to create a captivating blog that your readers will remember, add and integrate popular services like twitter, feedburner, digg,del.icio.us and many more. Also how to SEO your blog so google will love it and place you higher in the search engine.


Digging into WordPress


400 Pages of amazing Information

You could call this the ultimate wordpress Ebook, it has everything you could want to know about wordpress and so much you never thought you would need to know, want to know how to change that! you can with this book, Want to know how to change this! yes you can do it with this book! ok not that descriptive but going into the information in this book would take all day long. It is best just check it out and use it as a reference to finding what your looking for.

downloadsBuilding a WordPress Blog People want to Read


Understanding how wordpress works is paramount to having a successful blog, the more you know the more you can do and with this book, you can increase the chances of people wanting to read your content 10 fold, it gives you great tips on how to improve all the various aspects of wordpress and bring out some features you didn’t even know existed. But it also helps the average Joe understand wordpress bringing new bloggers into the world of wordpress, if you are trying to explain wordpress to someone this is the book you want to show them. Enjoy!


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