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One of the oldest and most popular Premium wordpress themes Developers is Elegant themes, over and over they have created stunning wordpress themes for everyone with a great quality of coding creating a safe stylish blog theme that everyone can enjoy, the one main thing we have found with these developers is Elegant Themes offers ALL there themes for a fraction of the cost compared with other developers, at the moment you Get ALL there themes for $39.95! This includes all Future themes and they create a themes every month! Check these Guys out!

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WooTheme WordPress Themes

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Woothemes have been the driving force in Premium wordpress themes since the beginning of wordpress, they have excelled in every way and best of all they actually listen to there customers and create Premium themes there buyers want. Every month new themes are created and new features are added, Woothemes it seems are always one step ahead of the rest.

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Even Though We believe WooThemes has so Much to offer, we cannot Ignore all the other amazing WordPress Theme Developers out there and you can find more about them right Here!

Templatic WordPress Themes

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We found Templatic To be an amazing set of Premium WordPress Theme Developers and they seem to be growing at an exponential rate! one thing we found is they cover so many different Niches that other developers fall short, it seems so far they are mainly aiming at online stores and making it easy to get a store up and running in a matter of minutes. A WordPress Theme Store isn’t the only thing you can have running, it seems they are creating all different themes for different niches like restaurants and classifieds sites. keep an eye on these guys!

index main screenshot newtheme Premium Wordpress Themes

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More To Come Soon.

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  1. Someone says:

    Thanks for share…


  2. abi azka says:

    great share …. thanks bro ..

  3. nomadman says:

    Great release! I have mostof all of these already buy you present the themes well. thanks for the screens!

  4. dhiya says:

    thanks yaww!

  5. fery ardiant says:

    thanks bro… thats great share…

  6. bye-bye Qu says:

    thanks a lot

  7. fatihizm says:

    thank you mann

  8. nah says:

    thank you so much. :)

  9. david boo says:

    thank you so much

  10. poyo says:

    many thanks for you

  11. qspixd says:

    Thanks a lot….

  12. yokser says:

    thenk kiu… very much…

  13. MJ says:

    Top share, thanks :)

  14. Den says:

    Thank you for sharing and helping many people around. God bless you

  15. rastik says:

    thanks . its great job..

  16. sinsdesign says:

    great …
    i can wait to test it ! :) :P

  17. jonathan says:

    miles y millones de gracias!!!!

  18. Lorenzo Solís says:

    You are the best!!

  19. anis says:

    are these latest updated one???

  20. missy says:

    hey can you recommend any thesis themes? style customizations?

  21. Andre says:

    Great,thanks! Can you get the themes documenation for us? I was truing to get the Coffe Break documentation specificaly. Thanks

  22. admin says:

    coming soon

  23. VII says:


    can any1 upload the doc for abstract theme?


  24. JJ says:

    Thanks! I really need the Gazette Edition documentation. Have you got it?

  25. admin says:

    coming soon

  26. JJ says:

    Cheers! That was quick! What i’m really trying to do is find out how I change the number of posts that are shown on the homepage. Can’t find the code i need to change anywhere. The Gazette theme options don’t seem to have an option for it so i guess i need to change something on one of the .php templates. Amy ideas??

  27. admin says:

    You change it in your “reading” page in your wordpress “setting” just edit the amount in the option “Blog pages show at most” and the amount of posts will change per page.

    Team Wicked

  28. JJ says:

    Dear god…so simple. Thankyou so much. Hours wasted trying to figure that out.

    Team Idiot ;)

  29. Yanxerip says:

    Cool.s love its

  30. scw says:

    I need some help with the Fresh News Theme. When I click “Continue Reading…” it remains on the same page (which is the front page) and does not go into the post page with comments and such.

    Can anyone help me here? Thanks.

  31. Sue says:

    I think I’m being really dense but how do I download these themes? I’ve shared on twitter and bookmarked the page on google but can’t work out how to actually download!

  32. admin says:

    Hi sue,

    thank you for commenting, if you look above the “related themes:” you will see an image thats says “download” click that and your set to go.

    Team Wicked

  33. kruder says:

    I use the Flash News theme, but i have a problem with thumbnails,
    What’s the function that i have to add in Custom field to use thumbnails ??
    i tried with “Image,image’Thumb,thumb,Thumbs,thumbs,Thumbnail,Thumbnails” But nothing … please .. Help!!

  34. admin says:

    coming soon

  35. Steven says:

    Hi admin,

    Do you have the updated version of Fresh News theme as well?

  36. Liz says:

    I don’t seem to have over easy in my zip file – any ideas?

  37. admin says:

    An update is coming soon.

    Team Wicked

  38. Pencho says:

    is there any chance to get Geometric documentation ?

  39. Amedeo Bonanno says:

    Thanks!! I appreciate it. These themes are great. The one that caught my eye specifically was the \Ambience\ theme. Thanks again!

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