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DirectoryPress – WordPress Directory


Here is a brilliant theme/plugin that will turn your blog into a directory of links with amazing control. With 13 different coloured themes, enable linked sitemap, SEOed for google search engine improvement, insert your website logo, enable an image preview window for each link, You can even charge people to submit listings to your directory with the use of payment processors like paypal, Worldpay, google checkout or a custom gateway checkout, Huge display edit settings and so much more, the amount of options that come with this, no 2 directorypress themes will ever be the same. Enjoy.

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WordBank – Money Making Plugin

WordPress Money Making Plugin

logo-transI hope Webmasters are ready for WordBank, this plug-in is set to revolutionize WordPress in a whole new way. A plug-in that will be able to turn any blog with Readers Profitable and I mean ANY blog. I’ve known Jason, the creator of WordBank for a couple of years now, seen how wordbank works and I can tell you this is going to be huge! if you want to make more money from your blog or you are struggling to make any money this plugin is for you!

Checkout Wordbank here –> Wordbank