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WooThemes – Royalle

woothemes-royalleRoyalle is one stylish designed theme, Perfect for a Personal blog or anything you want to add a touch of class to, comes with 10 different woo widgets for adjusting the size and shape of your site, complete advertising control, 5 different colour schemes, thumbnail auto-resizing, completely customize your sidebars and headers to the way you want them, A styled feature posts area on the homepage. Enjoy.

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Theme Layouts – Deskspace

Deskspace WordPress Theme

Deskspace wordpress theme isn’t to be take to seriously with its comic art style and use of pastel colours, its a nice looking down to earth personal bloggers theme. Comes with a flicker plugin for picture rotation, with all the media this wordpress theme has your reader won’t be able to take their eyes away! enjoy this free wordpress theme.

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Press 75 – Photo Graphic

Photographic WordPress Theme

photo-graphic-large1The Photo Graphic WordPress theme from press75 is a brilliant free template for Photographers, lovers of photographs and images but can also be used for any type of blogs  such as news, galleries and much more. This theme is one of the most flexible wordpress themes around. Enjoy this free theme.

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Theme Layouts – Galaxy

Galaxy WordPress Theme

The wordpress theme Galaxy is a truly spacious theme to say the least! it gives the user a feeling of being in cyberspace with nothing but you and the blog. Can be used with many different widgets to make this theme perfect for any blogging style, the reader will not be bored with this unique free template. Download Galaxy wordpress theme today!

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Theme Layouts – FusionSpark

Fusionspark WordPress Theme

The WordPress theme FusionSpark comes with rich colours and texture, it doesn’t have much colour but from what it uses it stands out and looks great, it also has four ad boxes in the corner for any kind of advertising you need. A very nice theme for making a statement.

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Theme Layouts – Artsplat

Artsplat WordPress Theme

artsplatArtsplat wordpress theme includes all the detail you could want, from an array of colour and sophistication to a soft and clean design, this free wordpress theme turns any old blog in to a live style website without the coding of a real website, this will impress your readers for sure!

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