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Daily Journal – Elegant Themes First Responsive Theme


Due to the huge changes in technology, a large proportion of people are now using mobile devices such as Ipads and Smart Phones and with these changes need other changes in web technology and how websites are displayed. A new feature that is now being integrated into WordPress Themes is a responsive display, What happens when a theme is responsive is it adjusts to whatever device is looking at your blog, so if someone using an Ipad wants to view your blog, the theme will ‘respond’ to that device and now finally Elegant Themes have created there first theme that does this and plenty more.

After posting information about wordpress themes for a while now I’ve noticed a large amount of business style themes being created in a massive scale and personal themes being ignored. Finally Elegant Themes fill’s this void with ‘My Daily Journal’ This theme is a quiet classy theme that does the job for a personal blogger. It uses elegant themes Epanel to make things easier for you to master your theme and create a personal blog you would want for your readers. Cool things like Image Auto Resizing, Full Ads Management and four different colors to choose from. As expected with all there themes you get built in Short codes, PSD’s and pre-made templates. This theme has all the built in technology you need while making it simple and personal.

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