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WPNow – Simplista

Simplista WordPress Theme

simplista-wordpress-themeWe came across a nice looking theme by WPNow, it seems to be a simple theme with not many addons, but has the looks to make up for it, as always WPNow themes look amazing with a huge array of colour and vibrance, It does support widgets in the backend for ads, showing off your twitter tweets, a subscription form that could be used for feedburner, a flickr addon for showing off your pictures and thats about it. its got a nice style and layout and is a great theme for someone looking for a simple yet elegant theme. Enjoy!

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Infinity Theme

Infinity WordPress Theme

infinity-wordpress-themeInfinity wordpress theme has all the vibrant colour of a premium wordpress theme only this one is free, yet it looks so professional. I guess you could call this your Personal blogging theme, not really for business or technical blogging, more for just sharing your hopes and dreams.

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