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Templatic – e-commerce theme

You will find multiple ecommerce wordpress themes with all different options and features available as it seems to be all the rage, I guess if you could setup your very own store in a matter of minutes and not hours without knowing how to code anyone would take advantage of it and with the new Templatic e commerce theme you can do just that! Out of all the shopping themes I would say that this is the most elegant and attractive wordpress theme I have seen and comes with all the features you could want, an easy 1 click auto install, it wont need any additional plugins!

You can use three different styles which are Catalog, Digital shop and Shopping cart.

  • The Catalog is so you can feature products that would be sold offline .
  • The Digital shop is so you can sell digital goods like ebooks, pictures and scripts, you don’t even need third party hosting for the files.
  • And the Shopping cart is your standard online shop you will find on many websites,
  • You can completely control orders in the admin panel, with the shipping, processing and rejecting of orders.
  • Include your very own shipping options for anywhere around the world and change the price to the way you want!
  • Manage and include tax with all purchases.
  • “Guest checkout” is designed so your users don’t need to go through the whole signing up process just to buy something which will increase sales.
  • Coupon and discount codes can be used with any of your products thus increasing sales.
  • Specify multiple options for your products like color, size, weight and anything else you can think of.
  • comes with 5 different color styles making your shop unique.
  • A built in Affiliate platform, have others promoting your store for a % and increase sales!
  • All images are auto resizing so you don’t need to worry about any ugly overlapping.
  • Can use multiple payment gateways and take credit cards.

All this and more can be done in a matter of minutes! Not hours.

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Templatic – Destination

There must be a great need for travel themes, recently quite a few have been produced and this is nothing short, Destination makes the perfect traveling blog, you don’t just have to create a blog about your travels but one about your very own city, for people looking to get more information on there own travels, just like many templatic themes you will find an amazing amount of option to choose from to modify the theme to the way you like it.

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ThemeForest – Creative Zodiac – Portfolio & blog

One of the most classy wordpress themes I have seen, you can tell a lot went into this theme, creating a brilliant styled portfolio and blog. No longer wordpress looks like a blog with this theme, set up your own Gallery, a 100% preloaded jquery theme that is the only one of it’s kind giving this a unique style and perfect for any freelancers looking to create products for client as they will be sure to love this look, it’s a theme made for the imagination and creativity, perfect for any business to make an impression. Comes built with a contact form directly into the theme, Comes complete with documentation and videos on how to setup the theme. A beautiful wordpress theme.

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WooThemes – Retreat

Going away? traveling the world? just travel too much, need a theme to post your exciting experiences, then Retreat by WooThemes is here to save the day, the perfect wordpress theme to show off where you have been and where you are going. Built in tumblog options so you can post directly from your dashboard, all the expected WooThemes options with the new highly stable woo framework, seven different styles, built in tracking code, add your own custom css, add your own custom logo and favicon, built in link shortening, dynamic images to fix all your resizing problems and much more.

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Thesis 1.7

Here we go again with thesis, these guys just keep adding options after options, Thesis’s SEO properties have been completely re-done and are better then ever, comes with a options manager, kinda like being able to copy your setting should you need to add thesis to a new blog, pages now optimized to load faster then ever, all different and new javascript libraries,  drag and drop the comments system to the way you want them to look making each page unique, easy 301 redirects for affiliate links integrated directly into thesis, all new hooks and much more, jump on thesis 1.7 today.

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Headway 1.5

Many requests have come in for the updated version of headway and here it is, this is one unique theme that comes from the other side of the tracks, my personal favourite of this theme is the visual editor where you can edit your theme the way you want to with all the options on the fly while watching it come to life, no need to refresh any pages or go to any new pages, It all happens right in front of you. Every little part of this theme is made so you can edit it to your hearts content, It is completely designed for SEO so you have no trouble in the SERPS, it’s design is made so you can change it from a boring theme to an amazing theme with unique style, It supports Hooks for easy implementation of code into any part of the theme so you don’t have to edit raw files and cause any problems and a heap more. Enjoy!

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