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Daily Journal – Elegant Themes First Responsive Theme


Due to the huge changes in technology, a large proportion of people are now using mobile devices such as Ipads and Smart Phones and with these changes need other changes in web technology and how websites are displayed. A new feature that is now being integrated into WordPress Themes is a responsive display, What happens when a theme is responsive is it adjusts to whatever device is looking at your blog, so if someone using an Ipad wants to view your blog, the theme will ‘respond’ to that device and now finally Elegant Themes have created there first theme that does this and plenty more.

After posting information about wordpress themes for a while now I’ve noticed a large amount of business style themes being created in a massive scale and personal themes being ignored. Finally Elegant Themes fill’s this void with ‘My Daily Journal’ This theme is a quiet classy theme that does the job for a personal blogger. It uses elegant themes Epanel to make things easier for you to master your theme and create a personal blog you would want for your readers. Cool things like Image Auto Resizing, Full Ads Management and four different colors to choose from. As expected with all there themes you get built in Short codes, PSD’s and pre-made templates. This theme has all the built in technology you need while making it simple and personal.

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Elegant Themes – LeanBiz Business WordPress Theme

Ok, So today we are going to review Elegant themes LeanBiz. LeanBiz is a Powerful business wordpress theme developed for any business type who does or does not understand how to optimize your blog for the readers to get the most out of.
Wordpress theme leanbiz

as with any of elegant themes this comes with the ePanel which places all of the themes features in one easy to use format. You get a huge range of shortcodes, auto thumbnail resizing, Advertising management and plenty more. The main feature of this theme is the slider which gives you the ability to add text in various styles and formats, you can add Video from such places as youtube, vimeo and other or you can self host the video. You can choose to display your blog with a fullpage slider or you can have a sidebar included with additional options.Additionally you get a pretty cool gallery feature so you can show off pictures of your business or the work you have completed.

Wordpress theme leanbiz

Another great aspect about this theme is it has got styled members area login, so if your looking for people to signup then this is the professional business theme you would be looking for.

This Theme is full browser compatible, comes in four color schemes and has a smooth tabless design just like any business would need.

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Elegant Themes – Elegant Estate

These guys must not sleep, they produce wordpress themes at such a rapid rate, and this one is nothing short when it comes to quality and detail. It comes with AutoImage re-sizing, a new widget that allows you search for houses based on cost, amount of bedrooms, housing type and also square feet in size. The front page has an image slider for the houses with built-in information, so you can add content and info about the specific house your showing. Don’t forget you can easily integrate Google maps with each house, helping your customers find that house they are looking for, all this and more built-in to a great styled layout. Don’t forget that elegant themes is the cheapest wordpress theme developers on the net to date! you get all there themes for one easy cheap price!

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Elegant Themes – The Professional WordPress Theme

WordPress isn’t all about blogging, the Platform doesn’t have to be used just for this, You can use wordpress themes as a base for a CMS (content management system) It takes all the hard coding and problems out of setting up a website and gives you that professional look without the headache. The Professional by Elegant Themes was built based around this concept, it’s sleek and sophistication makes you forget it is even WordPress running the show! you don’t even have to blog, it can be set so you have different pages just like normal HTML, removing the blog feel. It is all controlled in the backend via the ePanel (elegant themes control panel) which is where the real Power is with multiple settings for SEO, change in layout and style, Advertising, change in navigation and many other options. with four rather “loud colors” to choose from, this is a web template that will leave an impression.

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Elegant Themes – eStore wordpress theme

It seems every WordPress theme Developer is creating there very own WordPress store or shopping theme and Elegant themes has produced a great looking one. This theme works effectively with the WP-Commerce theme so you get all the great options and details you need to run your online shop, the quality spent on this theme is way better then most themes we have seen, the eye catching design will leave your customers wanting more and more with five different color schemes and Auto-thumbnail resizing with auto image slider on the homepage and heaps more options and settings this is one theme you wouldn’t wanna miss. Also Remember you get All elegant Themes for an amazing Cheap one off Price that includes updates and New themes!

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Elegant Themes – My Product

elegant Themes have to be one of the best themes around when it comes to the cost and reliability, You can get All of them for under $20 and they are 100% guaranteed quality. One WordPress theme they created is called “My Product” it seems to be a perfect theme for anyone looking to sell there product online, optimized for all browsers, Comes with the built in epanel that carries a huge amount of features and options for all aspects of your blog, unqiue and stunning layout will set you blog from the rest as this is one to remember,

  • Full ad management
  • Auto Thumb Resizing
  • Five unique Colours to choose from
  • Use the blog Structure or product Structure
  • Full PSD and Help files included
  • And plenty more…

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