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ThemeForest – Business Idea

Business WordPress theme

Looking for a new blog for your business? need an upgrade to a new age styled blog? Business idea has all you will need to get running with a new looking blog, this wordpress theme packs a punch when it comes to showing off your business, a choice of up to 5 different color styles where even the user can pick which one from the blogs front page, it has a cool little image slider and next to that you can add your main content usually what your blogs about with a button to take your reader on a tour of your website, the front page content is completely separate from your posts or page content so it will remain static which is a must when it comes to any business blog. all the static content can be edited within the backend of Business Idea.

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ThemeForest – Deep Blue


Deep Blue is a rather old styled looking theme but has plenty of new options to give it that extra edge, you get a featured blog posts on the home page to show the full content of the post, you can disable and enable all the different sidebars and top bars, footers, all the posts on the front page get a featured Image that is resized by tim thumb, the theme has multiple choice of ad styles that go all over your blog. A nice simple looking theme.

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ThemeForest – Woodworld


Woodworld by themeforest has a cool looking grungy kind of feel with its wooden background and splats of ink/paint, its shades of browns and yellows and added vine leaves, comes in two columns in a beautiful layout. this is perfect for any young kid looking to start a personal blog or any person looking to express there thoughts and feelings, I nice simple theme that is not over done with options and makes blogging as simple as 1-2-3. Enjoy!

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Elegant Themes – Lumin

lumin-wordpress-themeHere is another brilliant looking portfolio wordpress theme with a nice twist. Lumin comes with a great looking, very comfortable layout with nice colours and shades, the one great thing that comes with Lumin is the photo gallery built right into the theme, taking all the hassle away from trying to get your pictures setup the right way, Lumin also comes with Epanel which is elegant themes easy way for you to navigate the backend making it so you can find your way around without any problems. You have got all the options you could ever want in the backend, from SEO, colorization, Ad management, complete layout setting and options, Code integration and much more, A very nice theme. Enjoy!

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RocketThemes – Affinity

affinity-rocketthemeA brand New theme Just for you guys in time for Christmas, Rocket themes has a great little layout here all SEO optimized and ready to go, There are hundreds of settings in the backend to turn on and off everything and anything, with changing the colour scheme, you can turn on and off the date, login button, copyright, logo, Post title, metatags, topbar buttons, completely change the dimensions, hundreds of different styles to change around with being able to modify all different parts of the theme within the style, while at the same time being able to modify each separate page to a different style so you can call this theme your own!

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Woothemes – Object

object-wordpress-themeJust like so many other wordpress templates, Object by woothemes comes with so many options as you would expect. 15 different style sheets to pick from, upload and edit your custom logo, custom Favicon, Insert Custom tracking code, Decide from 1-5 columns for your layout, add your twitter ID, change the area of the image slider, disable arrows of the pictures, enable auto slide start, Automatic resizing of Images, instert and edit your ad code and plenty more.

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