WooThemes – Coda Magazine Theme

The Magazine styled wordpress themes have been so far the best when it comes to design and overall have been the most wanted for bloggers, it seems they always fit there needs and are ready to go for the average blogger, Coda by Woothemes does just that! it is a close nit design with everything in its place and perfected to look great, It has a smart looking Image slider which shifts your content when a larger or smaller image moves into view, it has a great classy drop down menu with great fade in and out effects, you get ads placed so they look just like part of the content, show off your tweets in the middle of your blog, Completly customize the layout so you can make it look just the way you want it!

  • Woo SEO for search engine ranking made easy!
  • 10 different template styles to pick from!
  • Woo Widgets that make adding video and images to your sidebar easy!
  • Widgetized homepage so you can move thing the way you want them to!
  • Woo Custom Navigation so you can be in control of where everything goes and how it works
  • Updates and Full user help! Woothemes has the best support in the industry!

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Elegant Themes – My Product

elegant Themes have to be one of the best themes around when it comes to the cost and reliability, You can get All of them for under $20 and they are 100% guaranteed quality. One WordPress theme they created is called “My Product” it seems to be a perfect theme for anyone looking to sell there product online, optimized for all browsers, Comes with the built in epanel that carries a huge amount of features and options for all aspects of your blog, unqiue and stunning layout will set you blog from the rest as this is one to remember,

  • Full ad management
  • Auto Thumb Resizing
  • Five unique Colours to choose from
  • Use the blog Structure or product Structure
  • Full PSD and Help files included
  • And plenty more…

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Templatic – Emporium wordpress theme

Change and upgrade your old wordpress blog into a full functioning ecommerce store, Most e-commerce solutions are difficult and confusing to get going and you will usually run into plenty of problems along the way, WordPress on the other hand is so simple it is just a couple of click and you are set to go! No other platform can be so easy and quick to setup then wordpress and Templatic e-commerce themes. This theme is so simple to get going, your own mother could do it without any help, You get all the options you would expect and many more, it is perfect for selling digital goods, being just a catalog for your real store or a full on store with all the trimmings.

  • Setup coupon codes
  • Add Tax, shipping information, colors and sizes to products
  • Allow users to pay without signing up
  • Full control over orders, Monitor them from the backend and watch there progress
  • Allow multiple payment gateways like paypal, google checkout and many more
  • Users can sign-up for an account so they can add products or even watch there current order
  • Get your very own Affiliate program with it built right into this theme, You don’t need to do any work!
  • Plenty more!!

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ProudThemes – Artistica

  • 3 customized widgets
  • Works with all browsers
  • Made for easy customization
  • Professional drop down menus
  • Built in flickr widget
  • Attractive CUFON headings

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A rather unique styled WordPress Theme called Artistica, If you are a photographer or a freelancer or anyone looking to show off photos then this is the theme for you, amazingly easy to customize and develop should you need to make alterations, the entire home page is widgetized so you can move all the pictures around to the way you like it, installation takes only a few seconds with the easy admin panel, a great looking fade in and out jQuery nav bar, heavily SEO’d for great search engine results and heaps more.

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Panda Themes – Portfolius

A theme built for Commercial Intent, Portfolius brings out the best in any company on the net, a Business WordPress Theme with the features of a Personal theme all placed together in a great way. You get a content carousel that changes over and over as you click the next page, you can embed video, text, images and even flash within the slider,  multiple perfect placed widgets, you even get a small content slider at the bottom, perfect for company testimonials, a Huge amount of color and style options so you wont get bored. Also included is Automatic image resizing so everything is nice and neat! Comes with a great deal of features, you get full support and documentation so you are not lost in the dark.

  • Full PSD
  • Image Lightbox
  • Auto Thumbnails
  • Custom Logo
  • Works on all Browsers
  • Easy to use Admin Panel
  • Integrate Google Analytic
  • Easy to customize

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Organic Themes – Magazine Theme

One of the more smaller theme producers that is slowly proving it can produce quality themes has designed a great looking theme made for any magazine or chatting blog, Organic themes are certainly one company to look out for with wordpress. Magazine is a well designed quality theme, a lot of thought was put into this theme and is rather enjoyable to look at. Like many other themes you get an image slider with this theme including content within the slider, the Image on the home page are setup in a great way that makes it easy for the reader to find what they are looking for, the top menus have a great drop down effect, you get full support with your theme just in case you get stuck, the theme is designed so it is easy to modify the theme and make it your own.

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